Multi-Color Air Jordan 9 G NRG

Air Jordan 9 G NRG
Golf Shoes
Pay homage to the great history and heritage of the game in this special AJ9. Rustic, woodgrain prints with warm, vintage finishes nod to the sport’s old school long hitters that have that special smack off the tee, making for a happy life in any era. Metal accented eyelets, lace tips and backtabs speak to the iconic, cutting-edge clubs that continue to set trends and smash through performance barriers.

Soft Ride
We upgraded the insole to a memory foam that sits directly under your foot for extra cushioning, made to walk 18 holes or more. Full-length foam offers the soft, supportive ride you’ve come to expect in Jordan golf.
Easy to Clean
The genuine leather tongue offers comfort. It's easy to clean after a wade through the rough or tall grass.
Stay Dry
Waterproof layers help keep your feet dry and warm when the elements turn.
Traction for the Course
A strong plastic plate comes with seven removable Champs spikes to give you traction for the course.
Level of Stability
We attached a leather strip to the back of the midsole to add a level of stability when swinging through the ball.

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