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ADDRESS 2660 E Del Amo Blvd Compton, CA 90221


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Sponsorships - As a company, we are excited to help the community. Eastside Golf would love to donate, sponsor an event or participate in a upcoming golf tournament. Building relationships with the people in the community is what this business is all about and we look forward to sponsorship opportunities. Please reach us here. Send Email

Partnerships - Interested in partnering with Eastside Golf? We're looking for partnership opportunities that will lead to positive outcomes and will create many more opportunities as time goes on. Our goal is to collaborate on new products and services that can help us grow together. Send Email

Donations - In the pursuit of a brighter future, golf can provide young people with opportunities to make connections, learn skills, and grow. Donations will help us reach out to at-risk youth and underserved communities by providing them with the resources they need to play golf. Send Email