Eastside Golf Duffel Bag

$335.00 $301.50

A true 2-In-1 Garment Duffel Bag. The Eastside Golf Duffel combines the portability of a duffel bag with the functionality of a garment bag. The single-zipper system allows the bag to be opened up flat, like a traditional garment bag, making it the perfect wrinkle-free solution when traveling. The interior garment compartment features a hanger hook and can fit up to 3 garments. When zipped up, this travel bag provides traditional duffel storage with a large main opening for easy packing and unpacking. Functional features, such as a trolley sleeve and detachable shoulder strap, paired with elegant and durable body materials make this the dream duffel for traveling professionals. Made in USA.


23" x 11.5" x 12"H




100% Vegan Leather 

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