Eastside Golf Be You - Canvas Artwork


This canvas illustrates the end goal that every golfer aspires to reach. One in which the crowd cheers from the sidelines as he blasts one down the middle of the fairway. However, this particular golfer, the Eastside Golf logo, symbolizes authenticity and staying true to oneself while playing the great game of golf.

Imagine it’s tour day, and all eyes are on him. As he confidently plants his Air Jordans in position, his Gold, Cuban link chain swings backwards as he simultaneously “hits a bomb.” Rather than fitting the ideal of a typical golfer, the logo serves as a reminder to think outside the box, push boundaries, and embrace one’s individuality proudly, regardless of who is watching.

Our founder, Olajuwon Ajanaku, believes in the power of visualization. In his pursuit of playing golf professionally, he created this logo and canvas to represent himself and what golf is missing in today’s world: diversity, culture, and authenticity. This complete image depicts his vision of golf, one he plans to make come true. Ultimately, the message is clear: be yourself at all times and relentlessly chase your dreams, despite what others might think.

No matter what, Be You.

Size: 30in x 30in. Limited to one per customer. 

Canvas is already printed and put together on canvas. Will only ship this way. Free shipping does not apply, ships separately from other items in order.
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