Playing Golf In Inclement Weather
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Playing Golf In Inclement Weather

Invest in high quality gear

The best golfing equipment will help you enjoy your game more, plus it will also protect you against the elements. You want to stay warm and dry, so purchasing an umbrella and a rain hood can really help a lot. We also recommend having a hat and hand warmers, these can be very helpful as well.

When it comes to golfing shoes, choose a pair that delivers you an amazing, powerful grip. The last thing you want is to slip due to the golfing surface being less than ideal. Golfing gloves can also help you maintain your grip during inclement weather, and you will also need some towels to ensure you stay dry as much as possible.

Practice your short game

Inclement weather affects your game, since you can’t see very far. Because of that, you have to work more on your short game. Hitting putts and chips firmly is crucial here. Rain can also bring in a backspin effect to the ball once it lands on the green too, so keep that in mind.

Play with your hybrids and woods

The thing to keep in mind here is that your golf ball behaves differently during inclement weather. Which is why you want to switch to your hybrids and fairway woods. Why is that? They are more forgiving when it comes to irons, and you will end up with much better results. Drivers can end up with a zero rollout, and they won’t carry the ball as far as you expect. Bad weather requires more accuracy from your side, so you really have to step up your game as much as possible.

Optimize the way you hit the ball

A good idea when you play in inclement weather is to help improve your game as much as you can. We recommend keeping your weight over the golf ball, as this will deliver a much better swing. During bad weather you also want to drag your club further, just to create a shallow angle. Instead of swinging with a lot of power, you want to club up and swing softer. A soft swing will actually help you avoid overswinging. Putting is pretty much the same, you do need to compensate the lack of distance with more precision.


Improving the way, you play in inclement weather is extremely important, as it will help you enjoy the golfing experience just as much. Sure, there are some limitations, but investing in the right equipment like high quality golf clothing and shoes can really make a difference. You also want to practice and optimize the way you hit the ball. Switching to fairway woods and hybrids can also help quite a bit. Take all these ideas into account, and you will have no problem playing golf even in inclement weather!